During my three years at Chiat, an old partner and I had a passion project: a blog about our adventures and misadventures in advertising. We posted a few times a week but we couldn’t reveal too much — our bosses knew about the blog, our clients knew about the blog, our moms knew about the blog. Pretty much anyone we met, including David Duchovny one day at a VO record, knew about the blog. So we mostly just wrote about our matching outfits and sleep-deprived office antics.

Almost 200 posts and 45,000 views later we had been picked up by Agency Spy, referenced in college papers, and even asked to give a couple interviews.

Take a peek at a post I still reference to aspiring ad peeps: How to Break Into Advertising
Or this post summarizing our first year at Chiat: lali turns one! (officially)
Or just have a look around at our quirky adgirl time capsule :)

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