Lots of creatives are creative, and that’s super important. But I also pride myself on being the type of creative that account people, producers, and PMs know they can count on.

“Lindsey is one of the most responsible creatives I know and we all know that  is a rare quality in creatives who thrive in chaos. She has never missed a deadline and the clients LOVE her!”
Kavya, Account Director

“Highly recommend Lindsey to anyone in need! She’s a great team-player and was willing to take on jobs of any size!”
Anna, Creative Services Manager

“Lindsey is a rare gem of a creative.  She actually pays attention to my briefings without a glazed look on her face AND she even produces work that keeps the client’s needs in mind. Imagine that!”
James, Account Executive

“You’re the best freelancer I’ve ever worked with! Geez!” (…because I whipped my laptop out at a bar to fix some comps the night before a pitch.)
Vanessa, Account Director

“Lindsey knows exactly what she wants and what needs to be done to keep our projects on track. She’s super ontop of things, and I love working with her!”
Lauren, Producer

“Lindsey and I worked together for just a short time at Strawberry Frog, but in that time she deeply impressed and inspired me. She’s the creative that’s going to come up with the great idea no one else could think of. Or riff on someone else’s idea and knock it up to the next level. And she’s got a killer attitude. Highly recommended.”
Bart, Sr. Project Manager

“Lindsey puts account people to shame with her cheerleading skills.  She shows enthusiasm for each and every project like no creative I’ve ever met.”
Jordyn, Account Supervisor

“While here on production, she showed me a good time in my city, SF!”
Britt, Sr. Print Producer/Art Buyer

“Sure, I’m a PM for a completely different industry, but Lindsey is so awesome that she makes me want to switch to advertising.”
Chelsea, Project Manager

“Before Lindsey, I thought creatives and account people were just supposed to “get along” but she’s the type of creative who knows we’re all in this together. Linds is forever going to be my favorite creative! Her enthusiasm is contagious and she gets along with EVERY department. She is incredibly passionate about everything that she does and comes up with brilliant ideas, all while being responsible.”
Brigette, Account Executive

“Wow, you guys are the only creatives who thanked us for ordering dinner.”
Amanda, Account Associate

“You guys are the best! Honestly! Soooooo easy to work with!”
Villy, Project Manager

“I’m in Sydney right now and don’t have time to give this the attention it deserves, but please remind me after Thanksgiving and I’ll try to write something memorable.”
Peter, Digital Account Executive

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